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THE CAMPAIGN: MISSION, purpose, legacy

Who We Are

The First Amendment Team is the client for Martin Hall Agency, a student-run Advertising and Public Relations agency at West Virginia University. The First Amendment client is dedicated to fighting complacency and ensuring First Amendment preservation among college students.  

Why We Are Here

The First Amendment is foundational to United States democracy, yet it is poorly understood by many American citizens. The First Amendment team is here to inform college students about the amendment and its five protections -- religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition — while also encouraging them to become protectors of the First Amendment. We believe that a full understanding of these fundamental freedoms is the only way to ensure First Amendment protections for our generation and generations to come. 

What We Are Doing

This campaign is built on the idea that more students need to understand and protect the First Amendment. To increase student comprehension and involvement we have developed three strategies with the intent to inform, engage, and encourage students to take action. Through a series of events and activities, this campaign will leave a legacy for the next generations.


Our magazines have been designed specifically for college students with information and puzzles that are educational yet interesting.


To engage students, we are hosting a BBQ event on campus with informative booths and activities.

Take Action

Through the completion of our First Amendment scavenger hunt and quiz, students can become certified Protectors of the First Amendment.

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