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The Year of reckoninG

what is the year of reckoning?

In an effort to raise awareness about the First Amendment, the Reed College of Media is collaborating with its client, The First Amendment, and is holding a series of events on campus that help highlight the five protections. 

First Amendment Day takes place annually on September 25th. Since September of 2021, MHA capstone students have taken the initiative to help advertise the Year of Reckoning and the First Amendment to their fellow college students.


Throughout the semester, MHA and West Virginia University have held events such as the virtual panel hosted at the Media Innovation Center: "Who Informs the Citizenry: Finding Trust and Truth in a Fractured Age." Guest speakers Ellen Clegg, retired editorial page editor of the Boston Globe, Kristine Villaneuva, project editor for Equally Informed, Paulette Brown-Hinds, founder of Voice Media Ventures, and Brian Castrucci, president and chief executive officer of the de Beaumont Foundation took the panel to discuss the pressing issues regarding the First Amendment. 

Through a donation made possible by Middle Tennessee State University's Free Speech Center, Martin Hall Agency is working closely with its client to provide a robust campaign that ensures West Virginia University students are informed about and engaged with the First Amendment.

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